I know that the hope of every family in Vista is to get to work, school or the grocery store, and home again safely, and quickly.

I approved a project to connect Vista’s traffic signals for the first time by fiber-optic cable, to give the city the ability to synchronize and coordinate signal timing to make our intersections work more efficiently.

I have approved miles of new lanes to make traffic flow more efficiently on our major arterial roadways.

What’s more, I am committed to holding the builders of new housing accountable to ensure their projects do not add to traffic congestion. In working with project applicants, I insist that all builders leave our traffic in better circumstances than they found it. That means fully offsetting any traffic increases with investments in our road system that make it work even better than before.

I share the frustration that Vista’s drivers feel during rush hour, and improving wait times to clear major intersections is a top priority for me.

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